We are delighted to announce a new release of MANA called [ MARK 1 ]. Major improvements in taste and texture. Shipping from now on!

Neutral taste & Mild texture.

By dramatically decreasing a level of Sucralose we managed that new version [ MARK 1 ] formula is characterized by our beta-community as mild neutral taste which is very easy to hack with your favorite salty or sweet ingredient to boost it up to the skyes. Balance between salty and sweet is now on the very edge of perfect balance.

Texture & emulsification capability.

We also improved the ratio of emulsification capability. If you want,  you can mix up to 1005 Kcal (half a pouch) per one MANA 1L bottle and still get a nice creamy texture. That is a huge improvement from previous version. We still leave up to your preferences if you follow our recommendation or you will create your own powder/water ratio.

By marking a new formula update [ MARK 1 ] all our next formula updates will follow same numerical sequence.

Thank you for your support!

You are awesome!

Program X-MANA


We are officially releasing our limited beta program called X-MANA. The program is only for powdered food enthusiasts from various countries around the world.

How it works ? 

Just write us an email with informations about you, so we have a chance to get to know you better. Please write us in addition if you are currently on our product or other powdered foods and if you are going 100% or just partly.

Once we assign you to a program, we will send you FREE of charge from time to time our latest “Version-X” with a survey to rate different aspects such as consistency, flavor, general feeling, etc.. We will not be making a major changes in ingredient list in comparison to our production product. To each version sent we will attach a complete Nutrition Facts sheet.

We have a limited (30) seats in a program, so if you are interested and you would like to participate in powdered food development program please feel free to write us at

All seats are currently occupied.

For all members please visit Reddit’s private link at

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