We boosted points to each account! Take a look.


Hello to all,

We have a new site! On current website update we had been working a month and releasing it was the most challenging so far for us, in terms of what we have already gone through due to a web-based architecture. We hired another very talented programers to our team, thanks to that we can upgrade to a whole new level of web features. We changed a lot in backend and logistics (api to our German warehouse) etc., which is not important to you that much, but it is a significant step towards stability and security for us. Which is important.

We are launching “Share & Get” up to €100.

New features are not only design! We are introducing a new feature “Share & Get” MANA points.  In the pop-up window of your account details you can see your current score of your MANA points, which you can get by sending love and passion into space, to your friends, family and everyone you know simply through our site. For every purchase through your link, you get 5 points for your next purchase. (1 point = €1)

How can I get more points?

1. It is simple. On the top bar, hover over the silhouette icon and click on the big green button “Share & Get up to €100”


2. That leads you to a page where you can share in 3 different ways. First you can enter emails of friends you think could be interested in MANA


share throughout “Facebook” or “Twitter” and simply let know all your friends on the social networks,

OR  copy a unique link by clicking on the button “Copy link” and send it wherever you wish.


What are the rules?

You get 5 points for every friend who order through your link. The link lasts up to 30 days. The maximum you can get is €100. 1 point = €1.Once your friend orders and the order is shipped, we send you the information e-mail that we topped up your MANA account with points, so you can use it for your next MANA purchase.

How to use my points for purchase?


In checkout step. Checkout will show you your current number of points in your MANA account.

So enjoy. Thanks for support! MANA team