MANA | Clinical study

MANA is again one step ahead. After a months of working, we finally finish our first clinical study and we would like to share the results with you. When we found our company in 2014, we couldn’t even imagine that we would be able to achieve such a complicated and high quality form of clinical testing for our product. Similar forms of clinical studies are usually created for pharmaceuticals rather than for products in the food industry.

Making a laboratory analysis is not a new concept in our company. Marek Humpl, our main technologist has a vast expertise in the field of applied chemistry combined with extensive amounts of laboratory work. Thanks to his contribution, we have concluded that our lab analysis of essential ingredients will be a fundamental parameter in how we will ultimately develop our products. Those analysis can help us in revealing what we actually eat. We are sharing this information with you transparently. You know what we know.

In everything that we do, we are trying to beat the current standards.

These lab analysis brought us new information about the composition of our product, but what we are even more interested in is the influence of MANA on our bodies. That is centerpiece for our company. When we first became interested in the issue of clinical studies, we uncovered many things that surprised us. After we found out how it worked in pharmaceuticals and the food industry we were dumbfounded by its capabilities intrigued about how it possibly worked under such strange terms. Understanding it was not as easy as we anticipated it would be. We needed the study to be relevant. We needed to have the undeniable results with a verifiable value.

A critical point for us was to find a partner who could assure us of absolute technological and professional support, and simultaneously guarantee us that the study would be more than just a stamp with a signature.

We decided to start a cooperation with one of the best professionals  in the field of clinical physiology, Mr. MUDr. Jan Gojda, Ph.D. from the Center for Research on Diabetes, Metabolism and Nutrition, 2nd Internal Clinic of the Faculty Hospital of Královské Vinohrady and 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University.

We ran into a man who was passionate about his mission as much as we were and after hours of discussions we decided to initiate our first clinical study. We began with conducting an analysis of the glycemic and insulin index. The standard test in the food industry typically only encapsulates an excavation of the glycemic index. However, we decided to also conduct a test on the insulin index so that we could identify the suitability of MANA for people with diabetes. You can find out how it turns out here:

Determination of glycemic and insulin index of MANA

Next clinical study is already in works, stay tuned! 🙂


The glycacemic index (GI) indicates the speed at which the carbohydrates contained in the tested food are
absorbed in comparison with glucose, in layman's terms how “fast” the carbohydrates are. It has been repeatedly
demonstrated that foods with high GI are linked with the advance of obesity. By contrast, interventions which reduce
GI in diet by changing the choice of foodstuffs lead to an improvement in metabolic condition and to slimming
(Juanola-Falgarona et al. 2014; McMillan-Price and Brand-Miller 2006).

The insulinaemic index (II) indicates the extent to which the given food increases the release of insulin in
comparison with glucose or a referential food. It is known that glucose is a significant stimulus for the release of
insulin, but it is known that protein-rich foods, despite the fact that they do not increase glycaemia following
consumption, also support the release of insulin. This phenomenon is evidently linked to the need for anabolic signalling by insulin for the formation of complex macro-compounds from the ingested proteins. By contrast with GI,
there are few population studies which compare the relationship of the II to the maintenance or increase of body
weight and the risk of advance of obesity or diabetes. Isolated studies have been conducted which associate the
intake of foods with a high II with the risk of advance of diabetes (Mirmiran et al. 2015). However, to date it is not
possible to state with certainty the impact of a diet with an isolated high II.

We ran out of Powder. Drink is available. Why?


We ran out of Powder. Drink is available.

This weekend, we ran out of Powder. All incoming orders for powder will be shipped after March 24th. I will try to explain why does this happen over and over again. Actually, from the very beginning, it is the Xth time we are stuck in this situation. The reason is very simple: when we think, we are well equipped and there is enough reserve to cover the demand, there comes a further and unexpected growth. And this happened since beginning of this year.

In the situation like this, we overplan new production with 50% monthly growth and from it we set the production plan and schedule terms with our business partners. They also have a filled schedule and we have to plan very well with narrow coordination. Usually everything runs according the plan. But in this case we experience an unexpected growth two months in a row so the schedule can’t be changed accordingly and the the delay accumulates. It’s like a close circle, when everything is connected with everything. During January and February this year, we shipped as much as for 8 months last year! Our stocks disappeared with the speed of light.

We are in process of filling and packing. The next production will be increased by 100%.

Good news is, that we are shipping our Drink, which is also disappearing very fast. The first production of Drink was more than 250.000 bottles and we expect this supply to hold till April. I would like to apologize for the problems with the delayed delivery. Even if it seems that we don’t know what are we doing, believe us, we work hard to keep pace with the growth. Our logistic, production, packaging and expedition departments works as hard as they can.

Thank you for your patience and confidence.

Jakub, MANA

Taste with no borders. In February, all shipping is free.


It is our mission to remove all barriers that block the access to well-balanced and affordable food. We believe that everyone is entitled to it.

On the european market, overpriced shipping costs are one of these barriers. Ever since we started, we have offered free shipment within our homeland Czech Republic. Now we have decided to push the limits even further and to offer free shipping for all of our products within the entire European Union, to Switzerland and Norway. This offer is valid until the end of February, it doesn’t cover additional fees and taxes though. “Prices for Drink & Powder remain the same, they stay just as good as they are.”

We have also updated new pricing on drinks! Now you can buy with savings!


Drink MANA! It’s better to be good.

Delicious theory of everything.

It is our mission to produce delicious and nutritionally complete foods with focus on chemical compound in highest detail. After very popular powdered form, it’s time for MANA drink. We have been working on research and development for the past year and finally we are releasing our latest and most advanced product we have ever made. This is a whole new level for us as a manufacturer and we strongly believe that you’ll love the product as much as we do. Price tag is €2.50 per 400 kcal drink with free shipping in larger quantities.  Drink is available for purchase starting today.

Based on clinical studies

This is a big leap forward for our products! MANA formula [MARK 3] is based on the latest scientific statements from EFSA, WHO, and more than 44 clinical trials specifically related to our ingredients. On their basis, we are allowed to state various number of health claims. We are the first and only product of its kind to declaring such a thing.

One drink is 400 kcal. 20% of your day.

One bottle is 330 ml and consists 400 kcal of nutritionally balance energy. One drink provides 20% of your daily nutritional requirements. And most importantly, it’s delicious!

Thanks to everyone who made this happened. 

Customer support every day


Now we are supporting LIVE!

We have worked hard on this for some time and finally we can inform you, that we are ready to launch our „LIVE“ every day customer support. You can call or write us every day from 8AM to 8PM. We are ready to answer your calls, e-mails or live chats also during the weekends or public holidays.

Customer Service: +420 228 883 296

It has meant lots of changes for us but we did it. We compiled a new support team, implemented new software for home office and managed new portable hardware. We are still working on details, so please, be a little patient during the next few days or weeks. There is still plenty of details to tune up.

Let us introduce our new team of four customer-heroes, who will take care of you with love. Be nice to them 🙂 Thank you for your endless support. Here they are 🙂 

– MANA Team


TEDx Powered by MANA


What is TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design)?

It’s a mind-opening and worlds-connecting meeting. It’s a non-profit initiative, centered around ‘thoughts worth spreading’ – the sharing of imaginative ideas and stories. TEDxPrague was inspired by TED and originated under its license in 2009.

This year’s topic will be “Our own and the other’s”. “’Our own and the other’s’ embraces a broad range of topics, starting from the current migration, our national identity and our connection to environment, to immunity, nanotechnologies and self-driving cars. Our goal is to bring to our visitors the most interesting program, that TEDxPrague has ever offered,” says Matěj Novák, leader of the organizational team.

There will be a MANA bar available during the event, which will provide to all visitors and lecturers everything their bodies need, from a nutritional point of view.

TEDxPrague is the first stage of our offline tour, which is being finalized at the moment. It’s complete program for the whole next year will be introduced soon. It is also a unique opportunity where you can taste our experimental flavors, which aren’t yet on sale.

TEDx Prague October 30, 2016

So see you there! Team MANA

Mana is back. We are shipping again!

Dear friend and customer,

as you probably know, there was a 21 days long shipping limbo due to increasing demand which resulted in a stock shortage. That is now history and we started shipping again!

As an owner of the company, which do its best to put the customer in the first place, I realize that such a situation is not pleasant at all. We are aware of it and I believe we learned a lot from this situation.

We will try to prevent any possible gaps in the future. To get enough production buffer, we started to produce three times more than before. If necessary, we are ready for a further increasement of the monthly production. Next month, we are going to move our production line in a new 1300m2 hall. We are also planning further robotization and optimalization of the producing process. Next time I will tell you more about this topic 🙂

“We have 1643 orders on the waiting list now. First orders have been sent yesterday, the rest of the orders will be processed according to date of receipt. Thank you for your patience, packing and shipping of so many packages takes few days.” Thank you for support 🙂

We know, that the delay with deliveries may have caused some problems to our customers. From this reason, we decided to credit 5 loyal points to each customer. Just look in your account.

Thank you for your endless support

Jakub, CEO

Delivery and Master Plan


From the very beginning, all parts of the production and distribution were carried out in the form of manufactory. Nowadays, we cooperate with companies with specialization for different parts of the production process. Mixing is done in our factory and customized packaging fullfilled on a mass-production lines. 

Delivery. We started the marketing later, because it represents only the third step in our business plan. Priorities of MANA strategy are from the very beginning as follows:
1) To produce a damn good product
2) To deliver a damn good product

Current situation update: Due to the rapid increase in number of orders we’re not able to ship enough products. For the last 3 months demand has grown over 180%, so it has greatly exceeded our original production schedule. It happened for the first time that we have no supplies to deliver even to our regular customers. In past few weeks we established many restrictions to avoid complete sellout, but that did not help. On the contrary every new restriction led to a further increase of the number of the orders.

At this moment we are producing new supplies. The incoming orders will be sent in order as of their acceptance. We want to ensure you that the production proceeds in two shifts. In order to catch up on this gap, we are working 16 hours a day including the weekends.

On September 24th we start with shipping again. The orders of the regular customers will be processed in preference and directly after that the orders of our new customers. The orders will be send in order of their acceptance. At the moment our team works at 100% to manage to adapt logistically and reset to a mode when each order will be shipped in 24 hours.


Master Plan. This year we are about to introduce two new products. One of them is a drink that we have already announced. At this moment we are in the phase of reproduction packaging and the first production test. For now, we plan to start selling this product at the end of 3Q 2016. The second product was partly evolved by a happy coincidence and now we are already in the phase of preparation. Launch of the product with code-name “B” is scheduled for the turn in the 1-2Q 2017.

We’re therefore going to produce 3 SKUs, which will be from a logistical point of view three times more difficult. Nonetheless we feel ready for it. In September we are moving into a new production hall with 1,000 square meters capacity. In connection with the new place we are working on an upgrade of our production line, which we want to completely robotize into an automatic mode. Our investment into robotics, automatization and complete reconstruction of the hall will cost approximately 100k euros this year.

Thanks to that we will be able to produce simultaneously a powder, a drink and product “B” on a global scale, especially because we plan to produce the drink in the US in the 2Q 2017 . Now we are at the stage of setting up a company and selecting a product packaging supplier in the US. Of course mixing of the powder will be kept in CZ.

Thanks to all for your support and understanding. I am sorry that I have recently not written much, but honestly, I have 5 unfinished similar blogs, so I am very happy that I have finally posted this one :-). Jakub

[MARK 3] v2. Less salty. Equally sweet.


New less salty taste

On the basis of customer reviews,we modified the salinity  of MANA, by changing quantity and ratio of the ingredients that are responsible for salty taste. So we decreased the amount of potassium chloride and sodium chloride. These salts are forms of sodium and potassium, supplied in excess to the amount of natural content of sodium and potassium in ingredients Total quantity of sodium is unchanged, remainder we replace by sodium carbonate,which in addition balances the pH.

New fiber ratio

We decided to adjust the ratio of soluble and insoluble fiber, and also to its source. From our tests, the best version is the presented version which contains much more oat fiber. Now the MANA is more thick and ensure stronger feeling of fullness.

*For more informations please contact our live chat support.

MANA [MARK 3] just arrived.

Our Nutrition Manifesto.

Our team is on continuous track of searching for better and more efficient sources of nutrients. To accomplish the new formula [MARK 3], we have newly tested 75 ingredients from various vendors to reach complete nutrition profile and find exactly what we were looking for to match the puzzle. Our team consists of organic chemist driven by passion for deep level of laboratory testing. It is our edge-difference-approach in designing the most advanced food on the planet Earth.

For various reasons, we believe that genetically modified organisms has not reach a sufficient technology or theoretical and practical understanding level. Therefore we think that the empirical understanding of natural resources through the prism of chemistry is the way to go. That is why we say that MANA is food designed in the laboratory.

New Delicious Taste & Outstanding Texture.

Thanks to your feedback, we were working day and night to improve the old version and move it to a totally new level. Taste of the brand new version is less sweet, more salty and milder. Creamy texture was achieved by reducing the size of the biggest particles to 60 mesh (0.25 mm), the previous version contained bigger particles of dietary fiber and wholegrain oats. Overall, we have slightly changed the nutrition ratio by reducing the amount of the carbohydrates from 243g to 173g and vice versa reached the complexity. Besides that, we have increased the amount of healthy fat from 70g to 100g, with amount of 101g of protein per day. The difference in the nutrition ratio is outstanding and better than ever before.

New Carbohydrates.

[MARK 3] includes a diverse mix of carbohydrates to meet balanced complexity. Oat flour in previous version had been replaced by oat fiber, which is perfectly balanced source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. New MANA now contains 11g of soluble (beta–glucans) and 10g of insoluble dietary fiber per day. We have also included the isomaltulose as a disaccharide, which is made from beet sugar, therefore MANA now provides more slowly and gradual release of carbohydrates with a significantly lower glycemic index. In addition, it is the first non-cariogenic carbohydrate that is kind to your teeth.

New Lipids. (Oil Blend)

Changes regarding the oil ingredients helped us to soften the texture. We have significantly increased quantity of the Algae oil to 2.75g per day to get 100% of daily need of DHA (910 mg) and EPA (500 mg), which are the most valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, we involved virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, which brings natural pleasant aroma and healthy saturated fat containing medium-chain fatty acids. Not only these are rare in the vegetable oils, but also important to make the oils complex in nutrition.

New Measuring Scoop

No more pouring powder around the bottle. We have also worked hard to improve the measuring scoop. Finally we found simple solution to a problem with dosing. We moved handrail of scoop more into middle of the cup so powder goes more easily into the bottle. Problem solved.