What is MANA and what is it made out of:
Scripture says that MANA was a food that God sent to Moses and his people on their journey through the desert. The “heavenly mana” gave its name to this modern healthy and balanced food. It contains everything a human body needs; protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and trace elements.

On the other hand, you will not find any toxins, heavy metals, or carcinogens in it. MANA contains fats in the form of highly nutritional oils with a balanced ratio of polyunsaturated, unsaturated, and saturated fats. Carbohydrates are represented by maltodextrine, which contains high levels of oligosaccharides and ensures energy is distributed evenly throughout the body, unlike sugar that only gives a quick energy rush. It contains A to K vitamins, mineral micro-elements; calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and the necessary amounts of micro-elements such as iodine, manganese, selenium, zinc, chromium, iron, and copper and others. MANA also has the required fiber, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Its preparation is quick, easy, and saves time by giving the human body the perfect amount of all needed nutrients.

Upcoming version of MANA, Mark II:
The new version does not contain any animal products. MANA is distributed strictly in vegan form and still offers full-fledged nutrition.

We added algae, flax seed, and sunflower to the oil:
The algae and flax seed oil are natural and rich sources of good fats. They are a high source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and phytonutrients. Sunflower oil is rich in fat-soluble vitamins.

MANA contains a valuable amount of vitamin K2:
MANA is one of the very first products in the Czech Republic, which has had a vitamin K2 (subtype 7) analysis conducted on it. MANA contains a significant amount of this necessary and well used vitamin in the human body.

Who is MANA for:
It is for everybody who wants control over what exactly they eat, what their food is made out of, and the effects food has on their body. MANA can be used for consumers that intend to completely substitute their regular diet. It can also be used recreationally for consumers with hectic schedules that don’t have time to eat on a regular basis.

Heaven Labs, s.r.o.
MANA was founded in the Czech Republic by Jakub Krejcik with the intention of creating a complete food source that eliminates food preparation time and financial struggles to consume nutritionally satisfying food. Its headquarters, manufacturing, and distribution are located in Prague. In June 2015, MANA manufacturing was successfully certified by the Czech National Food and Agricultural Inspection.

More information can be found at

My MANA & Health app update available in app store

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The very first big update of MANA iOS application. We just intergraded “Health” application from Apple and “One Click Payment” (simple payment option) with our own app. (Download here)

My Mana app integration with the official Apple app “Health”

You will appreciate this new upgrade if you like to track every single element from your Mana consumption. Health app is easily accessible from every iPhone desktop. Simply input how big of a portion of Mana you just consumed and send the data to Health app. Once you open it, you can see detailed analysis of your every MANA consumption. It tracks everything from protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibers, vitamins, minerals, and much more. Settings can be easily adjusted during your first use.
We went even further and downloaded all of our complete laboratory analysis to ensure you track every single component in an easy-to-read graphic form.
We are in ongoing effort to make this integration “crispy clean”, so our friends from Quantum Labs (by the way, they are MANA lovers themselves) would love all your feedback to make this into a perfect, helpful app for you. Just write your feedback right into Apple “Reviews” or straight to us at Thanks for all your support.

Ordering just got simpler with Automatic Payment

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had no cash or your credit card handy? We just found a solution for you! 3D secure payment system that remembers your previous orders and payment information. You don’t have to waste your time re-entering al your info all over again, every time you order MANA. Just check the “remember my payment” option. This simple function enables you to order MANA on the way home from work right from your phone. The very same way as world-wide companies like Amazon or Apple Pay would let you do.


How exactly does automatic payment work?
You will be given an option to “remember my payment” right after entering all payment information during your first MANA order. From now on all your new orders can be done with one click. You will be immediately informed by confirmation e-mail and you should be able to immediately review the transaction on your on-line bank statement.

Is this secure? We are talking money and personal information here…
Absolutely! 3D- Secure is very safe. First, to make the payment go through, you have to be logged in into your own account. Second, we do not save, download, or manage any of your credit card information. All of that is done by GP WebPay. Secure, international payment service that is even being use by some of our top national financial institutions. GP WebPay gates use modern secure system 3D- Secure, the very same system MasterCard and Visa associations use world-wide.

Máme za sebou kontrolu ze SZPI


Minulý týden jsme měli nečekanou návštěvu ze Státní zemědělské a potravinářské inspekce. Důvodem byla anonymní žádost o prověření správnosti našeho fungování.

Jsme velice rádi, že ke kontrole došlo, protože bylo oficiálně stvrzeno, že naše společnost splňuje přísný potravinářský standard HACCP. Pokud vás zajímají další infomace nebo oficiální vyjádření SZPI (Státní zemědělské a potravinářské inspekce), tak prosím úřad kontakjte zde.

O SZPI a Standardu HACCP

SZPI je organizační složka státu, která je přímo podřízená ministerstvu zemědělství. Je orgánem státního dozoru zejména nad zdravotní nezávadností, jakostí a řádným označováním potravin.

HACCP. Systém analýzy rizika a stanovení kritických kontrolních bodů (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, HACCP) ve výrobě potravin je jeden ze základních nástrojů, jak účinně předcházet rizikům ohrožujícím bezpečnost potravin. Oficiální výstup kontroly zde:
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Introducing MANA [MARK II]


We are delighted to announce our first big product update. Here is what’s going on.

No animal products

The main difference of MANA version MARK2 from MARK1 is the absence of animal based products (fish oil). At the same time, specific nutrients typically missing in vegetarian diet are added in natural form when possible to provide nutritionally complete food (proteins, vitamins A, B12, B6, D, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc and iodine). All of these substances are present in MANA in quantity, which is needed by the body, according to EFSA/FDA studies.

Sea & Fresh Water Algae

Fresh water chlorella powder and sea water chlorella oil are now the natural sources in MANA of many phytonutrients, minerals – such as iodine, zinc and omega-3-fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin K1, beta carotene among others.

Advanced OiL Blend

Oil blend is innovated and now consists of balanced mixture of canola, sunflower, algae and flaxseed oils with vitamin A and E to match the optimal daily intake quantity.

Lab analysis revealed

We created a complete new web presentation where you can see attached our laboratory chemical/microbiological analyses of our ingredients, from which we compose MANA [MARK II]. Everyone from now on can easily verify on expert level the quality of whole product at a front page. Its is very unusual step we do but we believe that by releasing our lab analyses to public we make MANA even more transparent. We believe that this is what its all about.


Plant foods contain thousands of natural chemicals. These are called phytonutrients or phytochemicals. MANA has inherent content of wide range of phytonutrients, including phytosterols, flavonoids, provitamines, chlorophyl and lutein. You can check results in attached lab reports here.

Amino acids in MANA

We finaly finished also amino acids of ingredients which supply MANA with proteins – soy and oat. Results are great, please check details at web presentation here.





We are delighted to announce a new release of MANA called [ MARK 1 ]. Major improvements in taste and texture. Shipping from now on!

Neutral taste & Mild texture.

By dramatically decreasing a level of Sucralose we managed that new version [ MARK 1 ] formula is characterized by our beta-community as mild neutral taste which is very easy to hack with your favorite salty or sweet ingredient to boost it up to the skyes. Balance between salty and sweet is now on the very edge of perfect balance.

Texture & emulsification capability.

We also improved the ratio of emulsification capability. If you want,  you can mix up to 1005 Kcal (half a pouch) per one MANA 1L bottle and still get a nice creamy texture. That is a huge improvement from previous version. We still leave up to your preferences if you follow our recommendation or you will create your own powder/water ratio.

By marking a new formula update [ MARK 1 ] all our next formula updates will follow same numerical sequence.

Thank you for your support!

You are awesome!

Program X-MANA


We are officially releasing our limited beta program called X-MANA. The program is only for powdered food enthusiasts from various countries around the world.

How it works ? 

Just write us an email with informations about you, so we have a chance to get to know you better. Please write us in addition if you are currently on our product or other powdered foods and if you are going 100% or just partly.

Once we assign you to a program, we will send you FREE of charge from time to time our latest “Version-X” with a survey to rate different aspects such as consistency, flavor, general feeling, etc.. We will not be making a major changes in ingredient list in comparison to our production product. To each version sent we will attach a complete Nutrition Facts sheet.

We have a limited (30) seats in a program, so if you are interested and you would like to participate in powdered food development program please feel free to write us at

All seats are currently occupied.

For all members please visit Reddit’s private link at

Be-X, Jakub, MANA

FREE Shipping

We make things simple. Delighted to announce FREE-Shipping of 28 Days of MANA orders. Updated are also 7 and 14 Days of MANA shipping fees. Valid from now on for entire EU.


Upgrade to a new level.


We would like to announce our product update. During January and February we have been going through building up a manufacturing team and moving into a new lab. Now we have a team of 6 people in manufacturing process, which is now in in semi-automatic phase. We are negotiating about possibilities of automatic manufacturing of our production line. That is our goal for this coming time. In a past months we needed to stabilize the manufacturing flow due to increasing orders not just from Czech republic but from entire Europe.

During February we planned that we going to meet 4-5 weeks in delivery times but we had a couple of interviews in national tv and after that we was at the same delivery time 6-7 weeks even when we manufacturing over the weekends. In mid March we plan to be able to delivery within 4 weeks max. We are integrating enterprise resource planning system to manage and synchronize all the manufacturing and delivery times of our suppliers. It is a pain to set all required but we are on a right track. Further more, we are finishing our lab test for all new ingredients we want to use in our product upgrade, hopefully they will be done this month.



MANA measuring scoop.

67,5 ml/127,5 kcal. We manufactured new measuring scoop, it is exactly half in measurements to previous version. Now 1 serving (meal) = 4 scoops. Whole day = 12 scoops. Hope you like it 🙂



We moved into a new space :)! 6 months ago we were in a garage and today we are on 250 square meter. We doubled our space compare to our previous one. Everybody have its own place, and finally we have a space to stock our products and ingredients.


MANA pouches.

We updated them as well. As you see on the picture we are manufacturing a third generation. Actually its fourth because official first pouch was a bag from Ikea 🙂 Previous version had a 1mm white line on the side, and we wanted to be perfect on new ones, so we managed to have them without it. We also updated a color, they are less transparent and richer on grey color.


MANA box. Finally we manufactured a box. Somehow, it was a hardest peace to produce due to manufacturing complications with color type. Box is exactly in a same color as pouches. We hope you like it 🙂

Shipping. MANA was already shipped to most European countries. Orders and demand is raising dramatically over 200% up each month. We want let you know that it is our highest priority to serve our best to European market. It is a beautiful journey and we are happy that you are with us!

Thank you