Program X-MANA


We are officially releasing our limited beta program called X-MANA. The program is only for powdered food enthusiasts from various countries around the world.

How it works ? 

Just write us an email with informations about you, so we have a chance to get to know you better. Please write us in addition if you are currently on our product or other powdered foods and if you are going 100% or just partly.

Once we assign you to a program, we will send you FREE of charge from time to time our latest “Version-X” with a survey to rate different aspects such as consistency, flavor, general feeling, etc.. We will not be making a major changes in ingredient list in comparison to our production product. To each version sent we will attach a complete Nutrition Facts sheet.

We have a limited (30) seats in a program, so if you are interested and you would like to participate in powdered food development program please feel free to write us at

All seats are currently occupied.

For all members please visit Reddit’s private link at

Be-X, Jakub, MANA

FREE Shipping

We make things simple. Delighted to announce FREE-Shipping of 28 Days of MANA orders. Updated are also 7 and 14 Days of MANA shipping fees. Valid from now on for entire EU.


Upgrade to a new level.


We would like to announce our product update. During January and February we have been going through building up a manufacturing team and moving into a new lab. Now we have a team of 6 people in manufacturing process, which is now in in semi-automatic phase. We are negotiating about possibilities of automatic manufacturing of our production line. That is our goal for this coming time. In a past months we needed to stabilize the manufacturing flow due to increasing orders not just from Czech republic but from entire Europe.

During February we planned that we going to meet 4-5 weeks in delivery times but we had a couple of interviews in national tv and after that we was at the same delivery time 6-7 weeks even when we manufacturing over the weekends. In mid March we plan to be able to delivery within 4 weeks max. We are integrating enterprise resource planning system to manage and synchronize all the manufacturing and delivery times of our suppliers. It is a pain to set all required but we are on a right track. Further more, we are finishing our lab test for all new ingredients we want to use in our product upgrade, hopefully they will be done this month.



MANA measuring scoop.

67,5 ml/127,5 kcal. We manufactured new measuring scoop, it is exactly half in measurements to previous version. Now 1 serving (meal) = 4 scoops. Whole day = 12 scoops. Hope you like it 🙂



We moved into a new space :)! 6 months ago we were in a garage and today we are on 250 square meter. We doubled our space compare to our previous one. Everybody have its own place, and finally we have a space to stock our products and ingredients.


MANA pouches.

We updated them as well. As you see on the picture we are manufacturing a third generation. Actually its fourth because official first pouch was a bag from Ikea 🙂 Previous version had a 1mm white line on the side, and we wanted to be perfect on new ones, so we managed to have them without it. We also updated a color, they are less transparent and richer on grey color.


MANA box. Finally we manufactured a box. Somehow, it was a hardest peace to produce due to manufacturing complications with color type. Box is exactly in a same color as pouches. We hope you like it 🙂

Shipping. MANA was already shipped to most European countries. Orders and demand is raising dramatically over 200% up each month. We want let you know that it is our highest priority to serve our best to European market. It is a beautiful journey and we are happy that you are with us!

Thank you


The manufacturer’s honest 100g


I’am sitting in lab and thinking how to approach our new blog post.

I want to write a post about valid EU food regulations No 1169/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, which are valid for us since November 2014 and its impact to powdered food in overall. It is very important that European powdered foods market as whole act with a same manner and hopefully does, because the consumer mainly relies on the manufacturer and his R&D and manufacturing process attitude. Consumer is not always willing to go into a problematics to such a deep level and time consuming analysis of new law updates.

How we approach at MANA. When we released MANA v1.0 out of beta this September we have already set our limits in beta versions to new eur-lex law recommendations which are a bit sharper then previous one and are totally different to US and other countries. Main difference to US market is that we are required to list complete particle list of what product contains in 100g and 1 serving. That means in real life that you take a whole bag of MANA and oil bottle as it stands and you list on nutrition label all it contains in 100g. NO ingredient can be treated as a black box.

Therefore we have analyzed MANA v1.0 before official release as whole in “State certified” analyticalLab and these results are listed on our “Nutrition Facts” label. But that was just to make our research complete because in steps before we have been analyzing every single ingredient in a bag and oil bottle and composed MANA with a same logic as playing tetris on your iPhone and right after that we did a final Lab test. As a result we know the exact concentration of every controlled substance ( saccharides, proteins, fats, dietary fibre, vitamines, minerals and also undesirable compounds as aflatoxines and heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic, mercury and lead).

Read more about here. Vitamins and minerals which may be declared and their nutrient reference values (NRVs) Eur-lex, ANNEX XIII, REFERENCE INTAKES

Every single part of MANA is perfectly balanced to new EU recommendations since day ONE. On the top of that non of the limits are not exceeding and are very far from the “total” limit – (some compounds such as some minerals or oil soluble vitamins got its own recommendation limit and “total” limit which should never been exceed – for example manganese or heavy metals).

MANA Nutrition facts full info – (page 2 english version)

Jakub, MANA

Update MANA v 1.0, Gluten

Dear fans and customers, we are repairing claim that MANA is gluten-free,  MANA is containing gluten in quantities of 254 mg / kg of powder, ie 114 mg per pouch. We based our statement on Decree no. 157/2008 of foods for particular nutritional uses (gluten was assessed per kg of food intended to be eaten, that has been mixed with water, thus its concentration greatly decreased).This decree, however, was amended by Commission Regulation EC no. 41/2009 and here is gluten evaluated per kilogram of food stuff in the state in which it is sold to the final consumer. MANA is therefore not gluten-freePlease accept our apologies and if you mentioned gluten in MANA is a problemit is of course possible to cancel your order.

Please accept our apologies
Mgr. Marek Humpltechnologist

#Manufacturing update 2/10

Všechny moc zdravíme, máme pro vás velký výrobní update, který se týká jak výroby MANY, tak i dalších komponent.

V první řadě děláme absolutní maximum, abychom MANU mohli začít dle plánu doručovat již od 20. října. Za poslední dva týdny jsme s týmem udělali velký kus práce a chceme se o novinky podělit.

MANA v 1.0

Máme další laboratorní testy verze 1.0 ze státem certifikovaných laboratoří. Jsme velmi spokojeni s přirozeným obsahem nutrientů při velmi nízkém obsahu nežádoucích látek. Na základě testu můžeme říci, že MANA má takřka 90% všech vitamínů a minerálů v přírodní formě. Vše je kvalitně zdokumentováno na nutričním štítku, který podléhá regulativě EU.


Analýzy též potvrdily potěšující fakt, že MANA obsahuje méně lepku, než je limit 100 mg/kg potraviny určené ke konzumaci a je tedy skutečně bezlepková.

Vitamíny a minerály

Vzhledem k tomu, že MANA již v surovinách, které používáme, obsahuje mnoho vitamínů a minerálů, tak z laboratorních testů vyšlo, že premixem budeme dodávat velmi málo z obou kategorií.


Obsah bílkovin v celkovém energetickém poměru je 50% sacharid/ 30% tuk / 20% bílkoviny. Jelikož na DDD 2000 kcal EU doporučuje 50g, tak na nutričním štítku při 114g uvádíme hodnotu 228% DDD. 50g dle EU je velmi nízká hodnota bílkovin a mnoho fundovaných odborných studií jejich tvrzení vyvracuje a EU souhlasí.

Sacharidy a glykemický index

V tuto chvíli provádíme testy na glykemický index MANY. Hodně lidí se nás ptá, zda je vhodná pro diabetiky apod. Měříme naše vlastní hodnoty z krve a vypadají velmi dobře. Nicméně chceme mít přesné údaje a glykemický index MANY bude certifikovaně změřen v laboratoři. Jakmile budeme mít výsledky, tak je samozřejmě zveřejníme.

EU Nutriční štítek

Něco tak obrovského jako je štítek MANY na České potravině jen tak neuvidíte. Jsou to vlastně dva štítky v jednom, protože uvádíme hodnoty MANY v prášku a zároveň hodnoty MANA oleje, který je dodávaný v plastové lahvičce. Snažili jsme se o co největší přehlednost a informativnost. Nicméně EU vyžaduje vedle informace o nutričních hodnotách v jedné porci také informaci na 100 g či 100 ml, což při množství v MANĚ obsažených nutrientů vede k informačně velmi nabité tabulce, kde orientace může být poněkud ztížená. Proto jsme na sáčku udělali štítek zjednodušený, dle našeho názoru přehlednější.



The box is finished and in production. It was pretty precise job to achieve maximum efficient of space and durability. We hired “box architect” who together with our cooperation designed mainly functional and beautiful design combination.



MANA bottle is unique and again functional complement to the whole. Greg designed beautiful logo. The bottle set contains easy sipper and “shaker” stainless steel spring.


Shipping plan

First MANA v 1.0 is going to be shipped by 20.10.. Given that the certified lab test delayed by week due to a fault on one of the instruments of analytical lab, we were forced to exceed plan to order vitamins and minerals premix week later. We firmly believe that our suppliers are going to meet their delivery dates and execute our orders with priority. Once we start deliver, we will do our best to deliver to as many users as we will be able to. We planned weekend and night shifts to achieve that.